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  • orientation research
  • online customisable ileostomy bag website
  • grow your own salad system
  • Mind-plan, a tool to help patients recovering from mental illness to plan a balanced life
  • a re-design of the needle and syring

Design Directions – an innovative programme of awards

This RSA awards scheme frames a series of design briefs within a social context in order to explore the role design can play in response to key challenges in contemporary life.

Tutor Briefing Day 2008 – watch the film!

This year we held a half day workshop on service design, through which three of this year’s projects were explored. Developed in conjunction with Engine, a leading service design company, tutors worked in facilitated groups to identify the problems, needs and opportunties in the briefs and to begin to identify service design approaches they could then share with their students.

Highlights of the workshop, together with presentations of some of the other projects are now available to view

Design Directions 2008/09

This year’s scheme comprises a set of thought provoking projects that take real world issues and asks: where are the opportunities for meaningful design interventions that can deliver change and improvement?

Addressing issues such as crime, security, health, and new services that address enduring and growing social concerns, these projects present opportunities to engage in exciting and challenging areas that demonstrate the power of design to make a difference.

Entry to this year’s scheme is now closed.

Design Directions Plus

Design Directions plus logoDesign Directions Plus offers just such opportunties in two areas high on the current news agenda: the ageing population and prisons. An exciting new concept within the RSA’s student scheme, Design Directions Plus is designed to offer the opportunity for contact with, and input from, key experts and stakeholders in the development of your project.

Design Directions Plus projects